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​​Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme (IGP)

​​The Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme (IGP)​ Thematic PhD Research in Healthy Society at HealthTech NTU aims to attract outstanding students with a passion for interdisciplinary research in health technologies, engineering the future of healthcare to catalyse the development and translation of new technologies to solve health problems and improve quality of life.

It offers Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) with the following health technology research foci:
1. Sensing and Diagnostics
2. Therapeutic Medical Devices
3. Nanomedicine
4. Tissue Engineering
5. Systems Biology and Medicine
6. Medical Imaging and Signal Analysis
7. Chemical Biology
8. Health Systems Complexity
9. Skin Research

We welcome highly talented candidates with an engineering or science background who are keen to work collaboratively with clinicians. In the opposite direction, candidates with a medical background will be provided with an opportunity to work with engineers and scientists. The team science formed in a highly intellectual environment between engineers/scientists and clinicians will harness innovation in health technologies to solve healthcare challenges the interdisciplinary way.

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